Bob’s Family Stories: TeaSource


This week Liz, Brandon and Gretchen set off on a worldwide tea tasting experience at TeaSource headquarters right here in Minnesota. Bob’s Java Hut was advised by B&W Coffee to check out TeaSource to supply a stellar tea selection, and what a great match it has been. Brandon, Bob’s Java Hut tea guru, has been steeped in the tea world from a very young age. When the opportunity presented itself to go into TeaSource headquarters for a Bob’s Java Hut Family Feature, there was no hesitation from Brandon to come along. TeaSource’s Wholesale Manager and our tour guide David greeted us and guided us over to our tea-tasting room. There, we were met with a tantalizing array of dry teas he had hand-picked for us to sample. As David educated us on each tea and answered every question we had, our conversations became lively enough for the owner of TeaSource, Bill Waddington, to join in. We learned quickly that tea was not just a means to make a living but first and foremost a passion that runs deep in all TeaSource employees. We loved to see the drive and inspiration everyone there has and knew we went with the right company for our tea needs. We found out that Bill frequents almost all of his tea growers all over the globe and has a major priority in knowing his farmers and where his tea is coming from. We all learned so much and had such a blast talking, tasting and experiencing tea. Brandon in particular has a few ideas up his sleeve for a rotating featured TeaSource Iced Tea here at Bob’s for the summer. Please feel free to check out TeaSource’s amazing website filled with not only information about the company, but also tips, products, and how to get in touch with the TeaSource team. 

Thank you so much TeaSource! 

TeaSource Website