Bob's Family Stories: Once Upon A Crime


It was a beautiful, spring-like day when we stopped in to Once Upon A Crime bookstore just a couple blocks from Bob’s. This bookstore is cozy, personable, and rife with the intoxicating smell of old books. It has been a Twin Cities staple for 30 years and has even been recognized nationally. When it went up for sale last year, patrons near and far were worried that this beloved bookstore might close permanently if the right buyer wasn’t found. Luckily Meg King-Abraham and Dennis Abraham purchased the bookstore and have changed little about the intriguing specialty shop. Their daughter, Devin, who manages the store, is passionate about supporting local authors and loves communicating with customers through books. It is important to her to be part of opening minds and imaginations through literature.

Minneapolis/St. Paul has a thriving literary community, so Once Upon A Crime has quite a following. Bob's loves our neighbors so in the spirit of supporting local businesses, we thought we should partner with them. A couple of months ago, we came up with the idea of starting a book club and having them meet at Bob’s once a month! It was easy getting a group together and now we host the club the first Tuesday and Wednesday of every month at 6:45pm. So if you’re into great mysteries (and great coffee) let us know, and we’d be happy to have you join!

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