Bob’s Family Stories (Barista Edition): Mickey


Bob’s Java Hut Family Stories : Barista Edition : Mickey! 

So Mickey, where are you from?
Western Massachusetts, Northampton specifically. But people here like to think I’m from Boston and then are surprised when I have no accent.

How’d you end up at Bob’s?
My first job in Minneapolis was in the neighborhood, and I’d pop in several times a week to grab coffee before work. I was immediately taken with the motorcycle theme which reminded me of my Dad, who rides Harley’s. That was a nice slice of home when I was in a new city and a little homesick. I became friends with one of the baristas at the time, Jaime, and I started to think Bob’s might be a nicer place to work than where I was at the time. I was right!

We’re so glad you did! How do you like working behind the counter having seen both sides?
I love it! There is a really nice little community here which is something I find really valuable. At any given time I recognize or personally know like 90% of the people sitting at Bob’s. I’ve met a lot of unique people here, heard a lot of interesting stories, and made a lot of friends. Talking to folks here is really how I got to know Minneapolis and probably a large part of why it feels like my new home.

That’s a really sweet sentiment! So, how are you feeling about the upcoming renovations here at Bob’s?
I’m getting pretty excited, I have to admit! On the barista side of things, I think the updates are going to make our jobs easier and a lot more fun and interesting. And I know I’m biased but I honestly think the space is going to look so amazing. Liz has some great ideas that are going to spruce up the environment in a big way but definitely hold onto that old Bob’s charm that I think is pretty special.

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