Bob’s Family Stories (Regulars Edition): Litespeed Delivery 


At Bob’s Java Hut we are a home away from home for many. Litespeed Delivery (one of our local bike delivery services) and owner Jean Paul Beaulieu are a few of the Bob’s Java Hut Family Members we would like to showcase here on Facebook as a neighborhood local business. We sat down with the crew to pick their brains on Litespeed Delivery and why Bob’s Java Hut has become a regular pit stop during a day’s shift. Litespeed Delivery’s mission is to be the best and fastest bike delivery service of downtown through the south side of Minneapolis. Litespeed has just celebrated its two year anniversary; they start their cycle delivery adventures at 10:00AM and run ‘til 10:00PM with the exception of Friday and Saturday nights where they deliver till 11:00PM, all year round. Come rain, snow, or sun they love getting out there on the road because, for many of them, biking is a happy lifestyle, not something they do once in a while. 

Cray, the youngest member of the Litespeed (19 yrs) begins his day in Edina MN, bikes to Bob’s Java Hut and is many times greeted with a friendly smile and his usual Mexican Mocha, then it’s off for the day biking close to 25 miles on average in a single shift. 

“Sometimes I’m too tired to remember what I want, but she (Bob’s Barista, Mickey) knows before I do.”

This isn't the only biking fix Cray and the rest of the crew gets in a day. Many of them compete in many cycling competitions, courier races, and our local Alley Cat races. Martin, another courier on the Litespeed team is even traveling globally to participate in courier races overseas. This is something that is culture inside this courier community even though many struggle to make ends meet. Like Bob’s Java Hut, the courier community is more of a family and friend support system than a job. Even if another courier works for the competition they will always help each other out when in trouble or in need of assistance. Bob’s Java Hut knows that we are not only a regular destination for this amazing crew but many more cyclists and we want to be a contributing part of that treasured support system. That is why we have created an outdoor bike repair station! No matter the time, if you need the tools, we’ve got them for you right outside our doors. During the open hours of Bob’s Java Hut we wanted to create a relaxed and safe space for bikers to do these types of repairs. You never know, you might even get help from another biker or courier…. that is if they’re not on a delivery run. 

When we were all discussing why we do what we do, both at Bob’s and Litespeed, the two dominant themes were family and support and how we all strive to achieve this inside the bike and local communities. There was even talk of Bob’s hosting a race, bicycling safety discussions, and/or an event for the courier community which we would love! Anything Bob’s Java Hut can do for our biking family, we are open to discussing and hopefully participating. We went over some of the new menu items coming to Bob’s Java Hut in relation to nutritional support of the biker community and the Litespeed crew seems very excited about the variety of portable, nutrient dense options that will be available. 

If you are curious about Litespeed Delivery for business purposes, curious about the courier life, or just want to know what Jean Paul’s traffic theories are, please feel free to spark up a conversation at Bob’s Java Hut when you see them here! They are super open to conversation and getting to know the community. They are truly a great team of people to meet. If you would like to talk to them right away you can visit their website at There you will also see an up to date list of restaurants Litespeed delivers from, their exact range of delivery, and contact information. 

As for Bob’s Java Hut using Litespeed Delivery to deliver you'll just have to wait and see :)