Bob’s Family Stories (Regulars Edition): Laura Weller 


This week we had a fantastic interview with one of our beloved regulars, Laura Weller. Laura has been a regular at Bob’s Java Hut for the past five years and she is excited to participate in the Bob’s Java Hut Family Stories album on Facebook. 

Thank you Laura so much for coming in to participate in a Bob’s Family Story Interview! Let’s start with what brought you into Bob’s Java Hut? 

No problem! Thank you so much for having me. When Liz asked me to participate I was super excited to do the interview, I love Bob’s! 
I first started coming here five years ago with Jendeen (another Bob’s regular) because we work together. On our first shift together she brought me into Bob’s for some coffee, and we’ve been meeting here ever since. 

We absolutely adore Jendeen and are so happy that she brought you here. You mentioned that you work together, what is it that you do? 

I do outreach work for the YMCA and their collaborative partner StreetWorks. It’s a program the YMCA runs to help educate and provide assistance to the homeless youth of Minnesota. We offer a variety of support, resources and shelter options for the homeless youth of MN. Jendeen and I started working together at one of the local food shelves for this program. We then ended up together doing public outreach with StreetWorks, asking homeless youth about town if they are in need of the program’s resources.


Wow, that’s amazing, what a great way to earn a living and give back to the community! Maybe we can set up a food drop-off here at Bob’s, that way our family can contribute to your already stellar program! 

That would be amazing, and what a Bob’s thing to do. 

Yes! And what do you mean, “a Bob’s thing to do”?

Bob’s is very much a family and community oriented coffee shop. There really is no other place like it. That’s what kept bringing me back. I can come into Bob’s knowing that if I want to bring my computer to do some paper work I can sit and focus or if I'm wanting someone to talk to that there will always be a friendly face that is excited to see me, whether it’s another regular or the barista on shift. Everyone’s always super active in conversation, if that’s what you are looking for. 
For example, I came in here one day to meet with Jendeen, and there was Bill ( another Bob’s regular). He overheard that I was waiting for Jendeen and asked if I would like to play a game of cribbage with him. I was so caught off guard that he would be so kind, and we quickly became friends. Now whenever I'm able I come play cribbage with Bill and if I’m running late or just dropping in for a quick second he gives me a fist bump and it’s see you next week. That’s Bob’s, an unlimited support and family system. 

Thank you so much Laura for sharing with us a little about you and why you love Bob’s. We love you too !