Bob’s Family Stories (Barista Edition): Jenny 


Good morning Jenny! Thank you for doing an interview with us. Let’s start with where are you from originally? 
I’m from Brownsdale, MN. It’s very much a farming town of about 600 people. 

Wow! That’s so small in comparison to the Cities, what brought you into Minneapolis? 
I’ve been living in the Minneapolis for about 5 years now and I moved here for school. 

What school did you go to? 
The Minneapolis College of Art and Design (M.C.A.D), I originally started out as a photography major but took a furniture class for a semester and fell in love with the 3D world. I graduated school as a fine art studio major, focusing in print paper book and sculpture. I really loved how much freedom you have with three dimensional work. 

What is something unique about you? 
Jewelry making is something I have been really into lately. I currently have an apprenticeship with another M.C.A.D alumni and she is teaching me so much about metal smithing. I have my own studio in my apartment and she has created a space for me to work inside her studio. I hope to eventually sell my work in galleries locally and then nationally. 

How’d you end up at Bob’s?
I was working as a supervisor for a corporate coffee shop on Washington Ave and didn't feel I was really fitting in with that demographic. Bob’s had posted an ad online looking for employees and I applied. Bob’s has been such a better fit for me overall, it’s more customer relationship based. I find myself getting to know my customers rather than just their drink orders. 

What is your favorite part about Bob’s Java Hut?
Customers and the relationships that we have developed. I can say that they are easily the most personable customers I've had. I also really love how much Bob’s is part of the community. 

Now, as you know, there are going to be some changes coming to Bob’s over the next few months, what are your thoughts on the new plans?
The changes are a little mysterious for me but from what I do know they will be good. I’m most excited to be a part of the new menu coming to Bob’s as we will be getting trained on all the new items and I really love to learn new techniques. 

Expected music that you will hear while Jenny is working: 
Har Mar Superstar, Modest Mouse, Fleetwood Mac, and as far as I’m concerned if I could just play Stevie Nicks all day that would be great!