Bob's Family Stories: Form From Form

We have hired some amazing local vendors to help us spruce Bob's up a bit. One of these vendors is Atom of Form From Form; a concept/design/build studio which Atom founded with his brother. Our interior designer, Amanda Maday from Studio Grey, brought Atom to us to build a custom table for Bob’s. When he had the table finished, we decided to pay him a visit to take a look at the piece.

His studio is among the secretively glorious art spaces of North Minneapolis, tucked deep inside an unassuming building in a very industrial area. His work space is a creative paradise, large, and full of just about every material you can think of. Atom is clearly in his element here. It was a pleasure talking with him and hearing about what inspires him. He unveiled the table to us and we were in love with it. We can’t wait to make it a signature fixture at Bob’s.

It is always a joy to be able to find local artisans like Atom who put their heart into their work. He is a very talented artist, you’ve probably seen some of the beautiful signs and metal work pieces he has created for restaurants such as Senor Wong’s, Barrio, Bar La Grassa, and other businesses all around the Twin Cities and beyond. He excels at creating stunning, practical art pieces out of beautiful materials. An adventurous spirit, he has plans to refurbish an old car and drive it across Mexico. We can definitely relate to wanting to hit the open road and explore but we'll have to live vicariously through him for now!