Bob’s Family Stories: Eureka Recycling 


Have you ever wondered where your Blenheim’s glass spicy ginger ale bottles, soda cans, or plastics end up at Bob’s? Bob’s Java Hut has been a zero waste partner with Eureka since January 2011. Eureka is the only Minnesota non-profit recycling, composting , zero waste facility for the past 15 years.They take extreme pride in what they do for the Minneapolis community. We took an amazing tour of the facility with Terese Hill, Eureka Recycling Community Outreach Coordinator and Chris Gray, Eureka Recycling’s Commercial Composting and Recycling Coordinator. It was so exciting getting a chance to see how our recycled materials are used after we dispose of them inside the MRF (Material Recovery Facility). The MRF was amazing and humbling to experience first-hand. It was incredibly obvious that the workers, both inside the office and outside on site, were happy to be part of the team. Eureka keeps their employees well-being and safety in mind at all times. They provide livable wages and their most recent sorter inside the MRF has been there since 2008, eight years! After one year of employment they are offered permanent employment status. Everyone was happy to see us and excited to show us every step of the recycling trail. Eureka loves educating the public on their facility and wanted to make a tour of the MRF available to the public at any time with a virtual tour that is on their website. We learned a very important fact that due to policy changes, government involvement, and new information, recycling policies change frequently and there might be some items you didn't know may or may not be recycled and the best tips and tricks to recycling. That is where our second tour guide, Chris Gray and the Zero Waste Hotline Team come to the rescue. The Zero Waste Hotline Team answer Eureka’s telephone hotline, providing answers to all questions regarding recycling, composting, and zero waste management. If they don’t know the answer, they will search their frequently updated resource manual and give you any information they can find to help resolve your question and or point you in the right direction. Eureka’s website is also a great resource for information on everything recycling, composting, zero waste management, drop-off sites, programs they offer, and child friendly educational videos. Bob’s is proud to use another community-based business like Eureka Recycling , we hope to one day hold an educational event at Bob’s with the Eureka Team to further provide information on recycling in the twin cities. 

Thank you so much Eureka! 

Eureka Website

Virtual Tour “ Story of a cereal box”!story-of-a-cereal-box/th47f

Zero Waste Hotline
612-NO-WASTE (669-2783)