Bob's Family Stories (Regular Edition): Charles & Scott Abel-Lear 


There's one little window-side table at Bob's Java Hut that carries a number of milestones for my husband and I. 

When we first began dating, he pulled into town on his motorcycle, riding it down all the way from Calgary. During that visit, I hopped on the backseat and we spent that day blazing around the Twin Cities... and ended our day warming up over Bob's Mexican Hot Chocolates – they were truly the best damn hot chocolates we’d ever had. That night, at that table, we had our first date night hot chocolates.

Exactly two years after that first date over Hot Chocolates, we both put on our leather jackets and paid Bob’s Java Hut another visit… Again at that window-side table over yet another round of date night Mexican hot chocolates...but this time we were practicing our wedding vows before walking down the aisle together the next day. We wanted to have our last date as bachelors at the same place we had one of our first dates together. 

22 months after our ‘I dos’, I (Charles) moved to California and he (Scott )had to return to Canada while we completed his immigration to the U.S. After being apart for nearly two years, we’re back together again and enjoying life on two wheels. We returned to Minneapolis to celebrate our first-ever Christmas together...and there was no better place to celebrate how far we’ve come than over Mexican Hot Chocolates at ‘our table’ at the coolest little place I know of… Bob’s Java Hut.