Bob's Family Stories (Regular Edition): Brian W Tice 


I'm a Minnesota boy, born & raised here. During photography shoots, Bob's was my favorite place to stop for a quick break and to introduce people from the suburbs to some of the best of Uptown.

Moved to San Diego for a job and would stop back at Bob's when visiting to get a new t-shirt and my java fix. Really missed this place.

Now I'm moving back and thrilled to be back at Bob's. The people who work here are dynamite. The regulars are awesome. Being a photographer, the light is some of my favorite in the city. I'm a sucker for the motorcycle theme and their logo. I walk in and it feels like home, truly one of my happy places. In the summer the front window / glass paneled garage door rolls up and the whole place becomes open air. Cycles come & go. Pretty special. There is a reason these guys have been in business for 24 years!

Photography Credit @Brian W Tice

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