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We walked in like the paparazzi when we visited Brock, the owner Brand Reserve, Inc. at his shop in Burnsville. It was myself, my photographer and Mary from Studio Grey taking photos, an instagram story, and asking questions; we inundated this humble artisan! We were just so interested in what he does and excited to share it with you.
Brock was always drawing as a kid. He started drawing furniture and then building the pieces from his drawings. When he helped take down a deck, he realized he wanted to repurpose the wood, and the idea of building custom wood furniture pieces as a career was born.
Brock is a woodworking genius. Though he recently started milling his own wood, he still repurposes a lot of wood from old barns. He hand picks the pieces he wants to use so he knows where they come from and what their story is. He creates beautiful, rustic, custom furniture pieces. Some of his work can be found locally at Butcher and the Boar, Tap Room, and The Salt Cellar. He also just completed a full season on the DIY Network!
The wood he is using to build a large community table for Bob’s comes from the rafters of a barn in Harmony, MN. The barn is believed by locals to be one that Jesse James briefly hid out in while he was running from the law. If this old wood could talk, I’m sure it would have a story to tell.
We hope you enjoy the preview of this amazing table, and be sure to stop by and take a look at the finished product once we reopen!

Brock's Website:

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