Bob’s Family Stories: Ames Farm Honey 


If you've ever wondered why a miel from Bob’s Java Hut is so tasty, it is because we start by using top tier ingredients. One of those ingredients is our local honey, direct from Ames Honey Farm in Delano, Minnesota. We asked Brian Fredericksen, the owner of Ames Farm, if we could come out and do a tour. He said yes and told us how excited he was to have us visit the land, bees, and honey at its source; which we found ourselves calling “beetopia”. 

Inside the processing house, we learned about the entire operation from start to finish. Learning about the style of cultivation they use in order to glean the most honey out of each honey box and how each hive's honey is treated as a separate product. This method allows Ames to provide us with single source honey. The beehives are located specifically amongst very densely populated fields of clover, basswood or other native floral sources. This creates a bond between the bees and what comprises the majority of species of plants surrounding them for cultivation of pollen. Then when the bees produce honey it is richly flavored from its natural surroundings of that particular plant. Ames then packages each hive's honey separately in order to preserve that hive’s unique flavor. We were also lucky enough to get a taste for ourselves! We could really notice just how different each honey can be using his single source method. It reminded us very much of doing a wine tasting at a vineyard. Each label that gets placed onto the honey will also tell you exactly where the honey was cultivated down to the hive and year. 

After we toured the facilities it was time to head out to the fields, where Brian walked us through what felt like paradise: open fields, tall basswood trees, and plenty of busy buzzing bees. We were taught how every part of the land is used in its most natural state in order to create the best environment for the bee’s to healthfully produce honey. It was an amazing experience to stand in the midst of all this movement and creation. Another aspect that we enjoyed about our tour with Ames Farm is that we were able to meet almost the entire team. Each one of them was as dedicated and proud of the Ames product as Brian is. We are so lucky to have the Ames Farm family become a part of the Bob’s Java Hut Family. We thank you so much for everything!

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